Voyage of the Talmid – NC





Apr 11 11:10 Pleasant on the ICW. Lots of precision steering though to stay centered in the channel. The tidal ebb current has been with me most of the way.
12:44 Wrightsville Beach looks differently from this vantage. I spy the Holiday Inn Resort.
15:14 Solar Panels will complete the dream. Using 50 lbs of bagged ice to maintain the refrigerator but there’s The Plotter, VHF, AIS, Autosteering, dot dot dot
15:50 Reckon I should veer South slightly so as to avoid the Camp Lejeune Danger Zone. Whatever that’s all about.
18:03 Military Copter just did a high level flyover and exit. I’m good. I have an American flag flying. Inspecting for bow chicks perhaps?
19:17 Actually it looks like the helos joined up with a C-130 for aerial refueling exercises. Don’t want Jet-A spill to rain down on me so good that I stayed clear
20:13 Watching the Moon rise. That will be of help in the Beaufort Channel in a few more hours
20:23 Passing the Wrecks of the Papoose and U235
Apr 12 01:48 I have arrived. Double checking the anchor. The current is about to swing.
09:01 Apart from a rude wake awakening just before sunrise my Tombstone Pt. anchorage is not bad. Interesting to see it in the light of day.
09:27 The derelict looking barges moored all around look less scary today. Sitting on deck enjoying the sunshine and a cup of coffee except I don’t drink coffee.
10:00 Yesterday’s transit seemed rather flat out full speed. Beginning now and throughout the weekend the pace will be more relaxed.
10:03 Need to find a protected anchorage for tonight as it is forecast to be blowing tomorrow.
12:42 There be Shoals! In the marked channel. The sportfisher yacht ahead has gone wide to give a barge searoom. I’m following the same line and HE goes aground!
15:19 I think I’m in a good spot. Dolphins
19:29 Went for a swim. Suspected a loose Zinc anode clamped on the prop shaft. Sure enough. Good excuse for a needed rinse
Apr 13 09:54 Red Right Returning. A good weather window shaping for the passage Friday-Saturday
09:59 Chain Locker mud free thanks to “deck-wash system”. Rope attached to bucket.
10:29 Rounding a blind bend. Big potash barge faceoff. He drifts wide in his turn — to my side of the channel. Had to end the hand held video for escape maneuver
13:51 Dropped anchor here and I’m deciding if I’m going to comfy. Guy comes over in a small craft to “talk to me about my anchoring spot”. Oh boy, here we go..
14:25 Turns out he wants to bring his sailboat to this location and merely wanted my advice. Bring it!
14:53 Going to launch the dinghy. There’s up to a 4 mph current through here. Wonder if rowing power can overcome
19:16 Interesting. Talmid rides anchor bow to wind but evidently the watery current trumps all. He’s about face head to current.
19:20 The wind is not pleased and pushes him over the top of the anchor. Now it’s later the current flow has reversed and all is put right.
Apr 14 06:14 This is ideal cruising time. Fierce winter gales are past and pesky TS squalls and summer heat humidity, not yet. Tourists, mosquitoes are few.
08:23 Excellent window for the coastal passage back toward home port. High pressure off the Delaware / New Jersey coasts will dominate.
08:56 Fuel/oil check. Wind check. Anchor away! The first few miles to leave the Beaufort Channel will be a slug. Slack tide not until noon.
14:04 Another sailing boat flanking 3 miles off. Same direction.
15:45 Our courses diverged. His sail is still on the horizon though. Finally! the breeze has picked up.
Apr 15 00:48 Perhaps somewhat the optimist on speed the day started light and ended same. However, sea conditions have been great. Sails are full and drawing.
01:10 Now closehauled near full moon; a little better than ghosting along. Talmid is standing up.
04:30 Oak Island Light spotted to starboard abeam. AIS target closing 12o’clock. No visual yet. CPA 195′ TCPA 18 minutes
04:44 Wind speed < 5 The sea is glassy but not without small swell. Still have steerage but most forward speed is from current
08:02 Okay, not too much distance covered the last ____ hrs. Started the Iron Genoa. The house battery is needing a recharge by now anyway.
08:03 Sails are still up. I reserve the right to resume Sailing — if the wind comes up
14:30 Back in Port.